Forklift Rental Los Angeles & Orange County

When it’s urgent and things need to get going, call SCMH Rental Solutions and “consider it done.” Its wide-range of inventory and services respond to your operations’ specific needs at the time when you require it most. We provide a variety of material handling products for rent in Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Fernando Valley and throughout Southern California. We have a number of forklift rentals and other products including:

Forklifts | Scissor lifts | Pallet jacks | Tow tractors | Order pickers | Reach trucks | Boom lifts

Many of our rental forklifts are available in gas, diesel or electric.

SCMH Rental Solution, the first to equip its forklift rental fleet with an added safety feature: The Blue Spot Light. Watch now and see how it impacts safety, productivity, and your bottom line!

Rental Solutions Template Cushion Rental Solutions Template Pneumatic2 aerial equipment boom lift gas diesel Aerial Equipment Narrow boom lift electric aerial equipment scissor lift electric Electric-Rider-Trucks narrow-ailse-rider-reach-truck2 narrow aisle walki stacker narrow-aisle-order-picker2 Narrow Aisle Walkie Rider Pallet Truck people industrial movers  batteries and chargers

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Cushion Tire Models
Pneumatic Tire Models (Gas, LP, Diesel)
Electric Rider/Trucks
Narrow Aisle Rider Reach Truck
Narrow Aisle Order Picker
Narrow Aisle Walkie Rider-Pallet Truck
Narrow Aisle Walkie Stacker
Very Narrow Aisle Drexel Swing Mast/Bendi/DV8rs
Very Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks
People/Industrial Movers
Aerial Equipment Scissor Lift—Electric
Aerial Equipment Narrow Boom Lift—Electric
Aerial Equipment Boom Lift—Gas and Diesel
Specialty Forklifts Carton Clamp/Push Pull/Rotator Truck—Cushion Tire
Industrial Batteries and Chargers