Increase Warehouse Productivity

Are You Up for 25% More Productivity?

In 2015, SCMH’s warehouse products group successfully completed its warehouse management system project—the largest so far in this magnitude and with these technological advances, increasing the customer’s warehouse productivity by 25%.

Designing, integrating, and equipping the nearly 600,000 Sq. Ft. brand new facility with 90,000 pallets for 20,000 SKUs, and eight Jungheinrich turret trucks for very narrow applications in 10 weeks, was a tall order that SCMH managed to deliver to the satisfaction of its customer.

What makes this warehouse function with great efficiency is the installation and implementation of the wire guidance system—a semi-automatic approach to reaching pallet positions within the aisles of a warehouse. Transponders are used to communicate with an RFID reader / writer in the lift truck to identify warehouse aisle locations and distances. Armed with this information and the forklift’s height measuring capability, the system knows its location within the aisles at all times and can be programmed to reach specific pallet positions by selecting the most efficient combination of traveling and lifting.

Increase your warehouse productivity by 25% with the Warehouse Navigation System (WNS), installed and integrated by SCMH in Southern California. Click here to learn more about upgrading your operations to a highly-efficient workspace. Or call our warehouse products group at 562-949-1000.