3 Workplace Tips to Beat the Heat

Sweating at the workplace.

Summer’s just begun and you must be underway to preparing your workplace for the coming heat. While optimizing productivity despite the weather conditions is at the top of the list, employee safety must be our number one priority.

Here are some resources to get you through the summer and still yield efficiency.
1. HYDRATE Do you supply bottled water to your warehouse operators and field employees? It may be good to order drinking water supply to distribute to employees, particularly those whose jobs are performed outdoors, non-air-conditioned warehouses, and field personnel who drive out under the sun. Coca-Cola carries Smart Water that are available in 33.8 Fl. Oz. and has the electrolyte version for more hydration. Click here for details http://www.drinksmartwater.com/#/home.

smart water

If you’re wanting to buy a steady supply of bottled water for the long-term, you may want to explore distributing companies. Classic Distributing and Beverage Group has bottled water options as well as non-alcoholic beverages .


Check out their products here http://www.cdbginc.com/non_alcoholic.php. And of course, your warehouse superstores like Costco, and Sam’s Club would have value-for-money options. You may also want to take a look at what Aldi’s Grocery has and their weekly specials https://www.aldi.us/

2. FIND SHADE If working outdoors is part of the job, make sure there are ample shaded rest areas for when employees take a break. If your forklift operators perform outdoors, you may want to supply them hats/caps. Or better yet, invest in the tinted forklift cap,

tinted forklift cap

so operators from any shift can just hop on and drive out under a shaded forklift Look here.  If you’re in the greater Los Angeles or OC area call 562-949-1000 and place your orders. San Fernando Valley workplaces, call Steve Merriam. He knows all the shapes, sizes, and pricing of tinted caps for every brand of lift truck and can hook you up with the right type for all your forklifts 1-818-349-1220.

3. PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT If people need care and hydration this summer, so do your equipment. A cooling system special is available at SCMH for only $625 for lift trucks up to 6,000 LBS capacity. Cooling System Special for May 2015 $625

The special includes all the essential inspections and labor to ensure your forklifts are fit to work under the heat. More information here https://www.scmh.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Cooling-System-Special-for-May-2015-625.pdf

Sweltering heat can throw off efficiency and reduce productivity. Make sure you’re prepared so you will less likely experience interrupted operations.

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