Are your forks moving you forward?

Forks are integral parts of your lift truck operations. Ensuring your forks are in optimum condition maximizes the efficiency of your forklift as well as secures the load it lifts.

Have You Checked Your Forks Lately? Forks should be inspected at least once a year for wear and distortion and more frequently in severe applications. A pre-start inspection should be conducted to check for cracks and bends. A 10% reduction in fork thickness reduces fork capacity by 20%. ANSI/ITSDF states, “if the thickness is reduced to 90% of the original thickness, the fork shall not be returned to service.” (B56.1-2009

Help keep your operators and products safer by inspecting your forks on a regular basis. If your forks
are showing signs of wear and distortion it’s probably time for a new pair. Our trained experts highly
recommend Cascade™ forks which are available through the Cat Lift Trucks parts system.

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