Behind the Scenes with the Man Behind the Counter

You see him regularly whenever you come in and place your parts order in our Los Angeles location. He’s among the friendly faces behind the counter who gets that spark plug or tuning kit into your hands as fast as he can because he values your time. He’s the guy who helps you locate that uncommon part you couldn’t find anywhere else and makes sure it’s drop-shipped to you the very next day. Some may know him by name. Alex—SCMH Sr. Parts Counter Clerk.

As we all get caught amidst the rush of our busy days, there’s barely time to get to know the people who help us along the way. So SCMH brings you this feature on people you encounter regularly, but hardly have the time to get to know.

We’ve taken 20 minutes of Alex’ time to share with you 20 fun facts about him. So the next time you get to see him, you’ll know what goes on behind the scenes with the man behind our parts counter.

1. Favorite fruit

2. Last book read
Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O’Malley
By Michael D’Antonio

3. Cat or dog

4. The movie you can watch over and over
Talladega Nights

5. Best part of the day
After lunch.
It’s the most challenging part because it’s when everybody rushes in to place their orders and tries to beat the cut off time. Trying to get everyone’s orders in before deadline is the most exciting task of my day.

6. Favorite Singer
Bad Religion

7. What comes to mind when we say “Commitment to Performance”?

8. Explain your answer to #7
We must always be consistent in delivering service excellence across all our customer bases. At the parts counter we have regulars and we provide them with a friendly professionalism that makes them repeat customers. We also get the first-timers and one-timers whom we render with the same level of service regardless whether we’ll see them again or not. Consistency is always being on your high performance.

9. Who is your hero?
My dad. He instilled in me very strong work ethics. Stick through it and get things done!

10. Mountain or beach
Mountain. I don’t like getting sand in my car.

11. What’s for dinner?
My wife and I are making burrito.

12. Upitme Guaranteed. Your thoughts?
The good start to keeping your forklift.

13. The Food You Can Eat Everyday
Spinach & Fetta Stuffed Chicken (by my wife)

14. The chore you abhor
Taking out the trash. It’s heavy and it smells.

15. What makes you laugh
Everything. I think people should find humor in everything. Try to laugh out even a bad situation.

16. What makes you cry?
People who have passed on.

17. Describe your boss
Angela is funny. She calls me “grumpy cat”. Which is not true at all.

18. Personal philanthropy
“Life is a Garden. Dig it.”—Joe Dirt

19. The SCMH “SPECIAL” value you uphold the most
All of them. That’s how I treat all my customers. Special.

20. Complete the sentence: “In five years I will…” running this place.

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