Broken Hearted Forklift

He was stingy and didn’t want more expenses
He didn’t take care of his forklift right
Didn’t care for her service appointments
Broke dates and just wore her out.

He ignored the signs she was failing
Until time came she almost died
Now that business was suffering
He wished he had spent the extra dime

He wanted to save his forklift
To get his warehouse back on line
So comes SCMH to the rescue
Within four hours response time!

The tech told him he could save her
But repairs and PMs are the keys
He agreed yet feared the payments
The tech whispered: utptime guaranteed!

“Sir if you keep her unhealthy
more expenses will appear
She’ll be down and you’ll have no incoming money
And the price to pay is severe

The tech said, “sir, I must assure you
We guarantee our work.
For as long as you keep her serviced
#zerobreakdowns you deserve.”

So no longer was he sparing
He gave her all the love and care she needs
From then ‘til she ripens to 10,000 hours
#Uptimeguaranteed SCMH will fulfill

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Jermaine Ratcliffe

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