Benefits of Electric Forklifts & Lift Trucks

Get More From Electric Lift Trucks

Electric EquipmentContrary to some misconceptions about electric equipment, battery-powered lift trucks perform as well as internal combustion forklifts. Cost assumptions regarding electric trucks can be misleading. The lifecycle costs of an electric VS internal combustion truck are significantly lower. Outweighing any initial investment cost. Another great advantage is carbon footprint reduction which benefits something greater outside of our operations—the environment.

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Electric Actually Costs Less with Long-Term Savings

Considering the price volatility of propane gas at an average price of $2.50 per gallon VS 10C per KwH of power
What is the financial equivalent of (1) Gallon of LP gas in KWH?
(1) Gallon of LP gas is $______(National Average is $2.50)

What is the average consumption rate of a forklift? 1.5 gal per hour–6 kWh per hour
Cost per hour of LP = $3.75  and Electric = .60 cents

  1. Savings over $3 for every hour of operation
  2. 25,000#s of Carbon Emissions reduced each year
  3. Fuel Savings – Single Shift

8 gallon tank @ a rate of 1.5 Gallons per hour
= 5.3 hrs. @ $20 per tank ($2.50 / Gallon)
2,000 Hours ($3.75 / Hour) = $7,500 per unit / per year
10,000 Hours = $ 37,500 per unit / per lease
Battery + Charger + Electricity = $17,239 per unit / per lease

Total Fuel Savings $20,261.00 over 5 years ($2.02 Savings per hour)

costs IC vs AC

Electric is Indeed Faster

FACT:  New Lift technologies such as 80 volt and A/C motors make electrics faster. EPRI Study on Electrics Outdoors addresses traditional concerns of electrics.

No Need for Battery Storage with ZBC

Zero Battery Change – ZBC.

New technologies such as   Fast Charging and Advanced Battery Technology Eliminate the need for multiple batteries.

Zero Battery ChangeSelect from our wide range of electric equipment. From electric pallet trucks to high-capacity lift trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, turret trucks, aerial equipment, to personnel and burden carriers. We represent top-brand lift trucks that are proven to optimize productivity in many operations throughout the years.



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