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What Lift Truck Lasts You 60 Years? CAT Lift Trucks

Make Your Move to Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Jungheinrich EKX 516 Man Up Customer Testimonial Video

Uptime Guaranteed

Southern California Material Handling is SoCal’s Uptime Guaranteed material handling solutions company for over 75 years. Because of SCMH’s commitment to performance, its customers are guaranteed zero downtime, on-time rental delivery, and parts fast or they’re free. Purchase brand new and premium pre-owned lift truck with confidence from SCMH as they are the only reliable company that backs up their equipment with a buyback guarantee. Love it, or they’ll take it back. Call SCMH now at 562-949-1000 or visit

CAT GP25N Customer Testimonial

“CAT GP25N significantly reduced loading and unloading time from five hours to 15 minutes.”–Bobby, Business Owner

“All you have to do is give it a try and it will stand on its own. It’s safe, reliable and in the end, that equates to saving money.”–Gary, Business Owner

“If I had to choose between a Toyota and a Caterpillar, I’d push people out of the way just to get to the Caterpillar.”–Arturo, Forklift Operator

Give your business a lift in productivity – by 10% with the CAT Lift Truck GP15N-GP35N 3,000 – 7,000 lb. IC pneumatic tire lift truck series. Proven to move 10,400 more loads per year than the leading competition*, this series pushes through the hardest work days to help you move more – all day, every day.

EJE120 The Game Changer

The Jungheinrich EJE120 electric hand pallet truck is the industry’s game-changer. With the highest turning radius, simplest maintenance, and best stability, it is guaranteed to keep you run times longer. Ask SCMH about the ongoing EJE120 Special at $99/month for 40 months at 0 interest. Hurry! Offer good ’til December 2016. 1-866-SCMH-CAT or visit

Expect to Reach New Heights with the Jungheinrich ETR Series

The new ETR 340, 345 and 335d series of pantograph reach trucks is setting new standards in reach truck performance by delivering longer run times— up to two shifts on one battery charge—and the class-leading performance and efficiency that your business demands.

You can order these high-performance reach trucks from Southern California Material Handling (SCMH), a local warehouse solutions company that has been around for over 75 years. SCMH is known for its top-brand solutions that include lift trucks, warehouse pallet racking design, rental equipment, forklift service and maintenance, forklift parts, and its OSHA-endorsed operator training programs.

See what the Jungheinrich ETR can do for your warehouse operations. WATCH NOW.

Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation System

Increase Productivity, Improve Picking Accuracy And Reduce Costs With Warehouse Navigation

The Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation system can be used with all rail or wire guided very narrow aisle lift trucks, including the Jungheinrich EKX 410 man-up turret truckEKX 513-515k series of man-up turret trucks and the EKS 208/308 series of mid- to high-level order pickers.


How does it work?

The Warehouse Navigation system is a semi-automatic approach to reaching pallet positions within the aisles of a warehouse. Transponders are placed in the warehouse floor at specific distances and are used to communicate with a RFID reader / writer in the lift truck to identify warehouse aisle locations and distances. Armed with this information and the forklift’s height measuring capability, the system knows its location within the aisles at all times and can be programmed to reach specific pallet positions by selecting the most efficient combination of traveling and lifting.

 Warehouse Navigation can be integrated with an existing warehouse management system (WMS), allowing for seamless transmission of orders to the operator’s RF terminal that is installed on the forklift. Once the order is received, the operator can activate the accelerator and the lift truck will drive to the designated pallet position. The lift truck can then store/retrieve a pallet automatically, or stop, allowing the operator to pick from the current pallet location.


The Benefits:

  • Up to 25% increased productivity
  • Improved flexibility along with logistics performance
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Pinpoint approach using the fastest route to your destination
  • Higher order picking and stacking accuracy
  • Adjustable warehouse layout
  • High throughput for the entire shift


Maximum Flexibility – Minimum Maintenance

More goods throughput does not have to mean more power consumption. Flexibility for any changes in the warehouse is a main consideration in the development of transponder technology. In the past, commands to the forklift restricted the user through the position of magnets or reflective markers. However, Jungheinrich’s warehouse navigation solution offers complete freedom. If a rack row changes in the warehouse aisle, the transponders are simply reprogrammed to adapt to the new location.

Blue Spot Light Technology Prevents Warehouse Accidents

Forklift Seats

Need new forklift seats? SCMH has various seat options for the comfort of your lift truck operator!

Kalmar’s New DCG90-180 Available Through SCMH

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