Let SCMH Solve Your Downtime Issues

It’s common to experience additional downtime if you’re waiting on parts to get stuff fixed. Especially if you’re operating a specialized equipment parts can sometimes be hard to find.Parts UTG

Southern California Material Handling is shortening your downtime with their Uptime Guarantee. Under the Parts Fast Parts Free (PFPF) program, we promise that we will get your parts to you the next day or you get it free! You don’t pay for the part and you don’t pay for shipping.

There are thousands of stocked parts in SCMH’s inventory that we’re confident we can get you the right item the next day or, it’s completely free. Getting SCMH Uptime Guaranteed on parts is simple. Just call our parts department at 562-654-3614 or your parts and service sales representative and let them know you want to order parts under the Uptime Guarantee PFPF. They will check if it’s a qualifying part under the PFPF program and voila! If it is, you get the part next day or it’s free!

We figured you’re already stressing about a broken equipment, and we should be able to help by shipping your part fast. If not, we’re eliminating additional costs by shipping it to you free, at the very least. This is SCMH’s commitment to performance. This is the SCMH Uptime Guarantee.

So next time you find yourself experiencing downtime due to delivery, don’t forget: SCMH’s parts fast or parts free. Your Uptime Guaranteed!

For more details on SCMH’s Uptime Guaranteed click on https://www.scmh.com/uptime-guaranteed/

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