Marine Corps Veteran Delivers Field Service with Pride, Discipline, and Integrity

SAFETY. This is what Pat, focuses on when delivering service to customers. A road technician with 43 years of experience in the forklift industry who joined Southern California Material Handling three years ago, holds clients’ safety on the top of his list. “Whether it’s a brake job or something more complex, when I leave their facility, I want to make sure everyone who touches the equipment is safe.”

Perhaps the military background spurs the exacting approach of this self-confessed “traditional Irish.”

Maybe the discipline is inspired by his mother’s resilience and strength who single-handedly raised a family by working two jobs.

Or the motivation stemming from devotion to his family, lays the foundation for setting examples of integrity.

The values brought about by Pat’s life experiences, is certainly exuded in his work day-in, day-out as his following of satisfied customers grows. “I take pride in what SCMH offers. We are not a cheap company. But we’re a quality company. And that’s what I am proud to represent.”

An early bird who maintains a daily 5:00 A.M. coffee routine with friends, gets to work rejuvenated and energized “I come every day and treat it as an adventure. I want to make the best of what I can do. If I am given the opportunity to help, I will take it. One thing I can never do is turn my back on someone or something that could use my help.”

“Even in the simplest jobs, my number one priority is the customer’s safety.”

Complex repairs are common in the industry but when Pat encounters challenges, problem-solving skills come to play “I rely on my training.” He says. Pat finds that continuous learning, research, and training are beneficial in delivering quality service to customers. “I get a lot of help from the people at SCMH.” Pat speaks highly of SCMH’s teamwork, leadership, and the entire organization. “Before I joined SCMH, I was just a mechanic on the road. Now I know what it feels like to have a career. At SCMH you’re made to understand how things work, you’re not just an employee. You’re part of the team.”

Even in his spare time, Pat still enjoys being a mechanic by helping his kids fix cars. “They’re good kids. My wife keeps us all in check.” Pat proudly shares. You’d think 13 months of deployment in Okinawa Japan, would acquire him a flare for sushi. But orange chicken, taco nights, and steaks are among the joys Pat and his wife share.

Asked what unique trait draws him closer to peers and customers, Pat laughs jokingly “my Irish temperament?”

Pat lives by pride, discipline and integrity, but when asked if this is a conscious effort, he simply shrugs “It’s just a way of living. Love and gratitude after each and every job is done. The people I meet along the way are blessings. And at the end of the day, it’s just always all about coming home to my family and hoping I did them proud.”

If you would like for an SCMH technician to maintain or repair your lift truck. Call 1-866-SCMH-CAT.

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