Pioneering Material Handling Technologies

Pioneering Material Handling Technologies

Southern California Material Handling has been pioneering material handling technologies for over 75 years. Beyond adapting to a fast-paced industry, it has been at the forefront of innovation—finding means and ways to add value so that the businesses it serves will yield greater productivity that eventually benefit end users and consumers.

In 2014 it launched a Power Up event where it lent its vision of warehouse operations driven by electric equipment. The electric equipment upgrade would mean higher efficiency, long-term cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

In 2015, when SCMH held its first open house, it featured Jungheinrich’s Driving Innovation roadshow where the Warehouse Navigation System (WNS) using RFID technology was introduced and demoed to SoCal warehouse leaders.

In the same year, Warehouse Products Group, a division of SCMH completed the design and integration of a 600,000 Sq. Ft. new facility equipped with the wire guidance system.

combined WNS

As SCMH grows, so does its diligence in delivering not just the most advanced solutions to business operations. It invests in manpower—training, honing skilled and knowledgeable technicians to support the new technologies it provides customers, be it planned maintenance or repair service. Ensuring parts, rental, and operator training programs are updated and ready to sustain these upgrades.

Ultimately, SCMH will continue to embark on innovative ways to provide advanced solutions that respond to its customer needs—now and into the future.