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“With Mitsubishi we’ve seen significant reduction in maintenance costs as well as downtime costs.”

-Brock Steer
Co-President, Steere Enterprises

Our partnership with SCMH is a win-win!

-Joe Luna
Shell Lubricants, Wilmington, California

We know what it’s like when equipment is down and operations are disrupted. We understand productivity is your priority—that’s why for the past 75 years, we’ve been helping customers like you and Joe Luna of Shell Lubricants, avoid downtime with

  1. A comprehensive planned maintenance
  2. Parts fast, parts free guarantee
  3. 4-Hour Response Guarantee

Shell Lubricants in Wilmington, California partners with Diana, parts and service rep at SCMH to keep daily operations moving smoothly.

Shell Lubricants has been around since 1907. An established player in the industry, Shell Lubricants relies on partners that will help sustain their growth into the future. On their website Shell Lubricants believes “that oil and gas will remain a vital part of the global energy mix for many decades to come. Our role is to ensure that we extract and deliver these energy resources profitably and in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

We seek a high standard of performance, maintaining a strong and growing long-term position in the competitive environments in which we operate.

We aim to work closely with our customers, our partners and policymakers to advance a more efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources.”

SCMH is proud to support an environmentally-responsible institution such as Shell Lubricants.

We tried other companies, but we came back to SCMH.

-Arnel Agustin, Goodwill of OC

Goodwill of Orange County has been an active part of many communities since 1924. Their Website, proudly shows support for disadvantaged locals who are in need, stating “Since 1924, Goodwill of Orange County has helped people with disabilities find employment, become independent and support themselves and their families. We’re proud of our heritage and have a rich, active history in the local community.”

We understand your day to day operational hurdles, as much as we understand Goodwill’s need for reliable equipment and partners. We’ve been around since 1939 providing customers like you, world class parts and service support, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Everyday.

SCMH is proud to be considered a partner of Goodwill of Orange County in making a difference in the local community, ensuring their equipment are able to load and move efficiently by

  1. Providing World Class Lift Trucks
  2. Planned Maintenance
  3. Parts and Product Support

Qualified technicians - that’s what made us switch to SCMH

-Mike Setka, Sr., Rinchem, Santa Fe Springs, CA

We get that you require reliable partners to conduct business successfully. That’s why since 1939, SCMH has committed to fulfilling the material handling needs of Rinchem and customers like you—so you can just stay focused on growing your company.

Rinchem’s chemical management facility in Santa Fe Springs, California is conveniently located 25 miles from the Port of Los Angeles. This Rinchem warehouse offers specialty services for regulated and non-regulated chemicals and materials.

Embedded in Rinchem’s mission-vision is a commitment to provide excellent service by “Providing unmatched value to our customers comes through the personal commitment of each employee to safety, accuracy and productivity.  The passion expressed in our efforts provides personal, professional and financial rewards commensurate with the performance and excellence we deliver.”—Rinchem Website

SCMH supports you and Rinchem with:

  1. Factory-authorized Technicians
  2. Dedicated team of parts and service support
  3. Uptime Guaranteed Program

SCMH is proud to be of service to a company who shares the same commitment to excellence.

Efficient Products Plus Effective Service=Your Successful Operations

When great equipment and optimum service combine, your company reaps higher productivity.

At SCMH, we know that your measure of success is how best you serve your customers. We measure ours by

  • the efficiency of the equipment we deliver and
  • by the effectiveness of service support we bring to your business

If we’ve made a positive impact on your uptime so you may successfully get your job done, we know we’ve won.

Watch Dan Chilson, David Garcia, Javier Martinez, Ralph Vazquez, and Daniel Venegas of Classic Distributing talk about how the Jungheinrich order pickers exceed their expectations and how SCMH planned maintenance service help keep them going.

Video courtesy of MCFA. For more Jungheinrich products, visit:

Empowering Operators through State-of-the-Art Equipment and Optimum Service

Increasing order picking capabilities is made easy with the Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS 110 according to Warehouse IT Manager Alex Hernandez. “We are a multi-brand beer wholesalers, 30 years strong—SCMH gave us that opportunity to win and execute out on retail.”

Classic Distributing works with about 42 major suppliers and carries about 80% of beverage products you see on local shelves. As a multi-awarded distributing company, Classic is frequented by other distributors for best practices and new warehouse innovations. “We always recommend our Jungheinrich order pickers and in fact, two distributors have gone and purchased their own from SCMH.”

As a Warehouse IT expert, Alex is keen on order picking rates and has implemented many advancements such as voice pick, to boost productivity. “We have about 17 Jungheinrich order pickers and more are placed on order. These have given us the lift to our order-selecting operations, we’ve long been waiting for. The fact that its ease of use to navigate through the warehouse, and can lift the pallets off the ground high enough to load onto the conveyor, plus the platform raised 4-5 feet gives my team a chance to win and execute on the floor.”

Fleet and Facility Manager Dan Chilson who’s warehouse management expertise spans 34 years, 25 years of which has been with Classic, is keen on optimum maintenance and service of his fleet. “Investing in these equipment means investing in their maintenance as well. I recommend you find a company you can trust who is prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. For us, that is SCMH.”

Classic Distributing for SCMH

Both Dan and Alex speak highly of their account managers Jim Nolan (Major Accounts) and Henry Saavedra (Parts and Service). “They are very prompt. I call Henry for a repair and their techs who are really good, either Anthony or Jaime, are usually here within the day. To me that is very important.” Dan says that SCMH techs catch the smallest problems needing attention so that it does not scale up to bigger repairs that would cost more. “This is a big deal to us because it says so much about how they look out for our best interest.”

Classic Distributing & Beverage Group, Inc., servicing the Metro Los Angeles and Eastern Los Angeles County areas, celebrates 35 years of excellence in the beverage distribution business. In addition to MillerCoors brands, the company distributes a broad selection of fine imported brands, craft beers, non-alcohol beverages and waters.

For more information on Classic Distributing Company, please visit:

Berridge for SCMH

Eileen Huddleston, Berridge California Sales Corp. Branch Manager stresses the importance of equipment maintenance for companies like theirs whose operations are highly reliant on moving things around.

“Preventive maintenance is key in avoiding breakdowns. If we are down one lift truck, that translates into a loss for us.” Berridge is a metal roofing manufacturing company established in 1970 and is among the industry’s top pioneers in designing and developing architectural sheet metal products.

“Every day we move our products and if we don’t have a reliable forklift to move it out of here, we can’t service our customers.”

Berridge is under Southern California Material Handling’s Planned Maintenance (PM) service and recommends its preventive program as well as its repair services. “SCMH has been pretty good. They come in, do their thing. They’re here early and they get things done fast. For me that’s important because it does not disrupt our operations.”

For Berridge, whose wide range of products are constantly in demand, it is important to have uninterrupted workflow. “SCMH’s timing is just right—never too often, never seldom. That’s what works best for companies like Berridge who are always on a tight schedule.”
To learn more about Berridge, visit .

Ken Franklin of SCMH’s Parts and Service does a great job in maintaining their equipment. We consider him part of our family.

-Mohamed Alstyle Apparel

Jose Ibarra at SCMH Parts and Service does a fantastic job! We do NOT want anyone else on our equipment.

-DarrenNaval ShipyardSeal Beach

Thank you Jim & Gary

Jim, thank you for the great job you and your team did to help us in improving our warehouse and increasing the storage space. We appreciate your help. Our warehouse looks more professional and we will keep improving it you based on your recommendations. It was a pleasure working with you all and if we will have other warehouse projects to work on in the future, we will have you involved definitely.

Gary, thank you for helping us in making a very important decision regarding the forklift. We believe it’s a good investment and the truck will serve us well for many years. If not, we know who to call J

-ElmiraMaterials ManagerFulham Co., Inc.

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