Top 5 Goals an SCMH Tech Sets for Your Company


Twelve years of being a mechanic teaches you a few lessons, according to Dave, Service Tech A at SCMH. Over coffee one Tuesday morning, Dave spares a few minutes of his usually busy day to outline his wish list for customers.

From the moment Dave arrives at HQ to pick up parts for customers, to the time he heads home to his wife, 13-year old boy, and six 6-year old girl, he is filled with optimism. “Every day is different. A different truck. A different problem. A different solution. That’s what I love most about this job. It’s never boring.”

Part of the day-to-day challenge Dave hurdles is the general impression customers have when seeing any technician walk through their doors. “Bills! To them it spells out expense and I just need to get them past that.” By staying positive and taking time to explain to customers the greater repercussions if minor things don’t get taken care of, Dave has not only succeeded in gaining customer trust, but has developed lasting relationships with clients. “I would say Russel Sigler company, would be one of the many I am fond of. It is my very first customer as an SCMH tech and to this day, I service their equipment.”

Throwing parts at trucks won’t help.
Keeping it healthy will.

Exciting tasks keep Dave on his toes, especially when working with electric forklifts. “You just can’t throw a part at a truck. Sometimes, there are intermittent readings that need to be observed to be able to fully diagnose the situation.”
Dave started his career working on gas and LP forklifts and has since developed expertise for class 1 through 3 industrial powered equipment. “I learned on gas and LP units and now that I’ve honed skills for electric lift trucks, I am excited to be a part of the new technologies it brings our customers.”

Learning is good. Doing is better.

Dave feels that practice makes perfect. “It’s good to go to school and learn theories. But what makes you better is doing. Repetition. Applying what you learned theoretically to practical, is what will make you an expert.”
Genuinely concerned about his customers’ uptime, Dave outlines top five goals that motivate him every day:

1. I want to maintain your lift truck.
You may not have a problem with the truck right now. And I am sure you need to use it. But spare us the few moments to regularly perform service so that you can keep moving things around more smoothly.

2. I will not overlook the smallest problem—even your spark plug.
I will change your spark plug now if I have to so you will have fuel economy, optimal combustion, and fewer emissions.

3. I need to care for your filter system, each and every time.
It’s one component, but your filter system is vital. If it is not maintained properly, chances are, there’s going to be a domino effect that will create bigger problems.

4. I need to make you understand why you must follow your tech’s recommendations.
I will not just service your truck. I will make you understand what I am going to do and what my recommendations are. I will thoroughly explain why you need to comply with proper operating procedures.

5. I want to save you money
Believe it or not, I am not here to create expenses. I am here to ensure that unforeseen repairs don’t impact your bottom line negatively. You’ve budgeted for maintenance, let’s keep it within that by allowing me to catch foreseen problems that may lead to expensive repairs.

Imparting lessons and values:
Do not be afraid of new things.

Dave likes to spend a little extra time with his customers for those little requests that he can immediately take care of. “At the end of the day, getting home a few minutes late is not harmful if you know you’ve made a customer happy.” It only heightens the anticipation of spending time with cheerleader daughter and talking about design and engineering with his son who’s a robotics enthusiast.

“Family time is something I value. I look forward to barbecue afternoons with friends and family and late TV nights with my wife.” As of press time, latest movie Dave has seen was Civil War rented over Red Box . And just like the movie-dispensing machine conveniently accessible to movie goers, Dave aims to be that available tech ready whenever his customers need him.

“An SCMH value I can most relate with is accountability. By being extra helpful, I eliminate the barriers that create impressions that I am just there as an expense to customers. By performing my best and communicating effectively with my clients, I represent the culture of SCMH—and that is something I take accountability for.”

Finally, for Dave, accountability is not just taking credit for what he did right. “I make mistakes. But I am not afraid to own up to and learn from them. If you’re wanting to be a Tech, this is what will make you stronger. Do not be afraid to learn and discover even if sometimes there’s failure. It can only lead to a better, stronger you in the future.”

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