Warehouse Storage Products

SCMH’s Warehouse Products Group (WPG) utilizes an extensive supplier base to supply the necessary material or products that best suit the needs of each individual application.

Once a customer application review has been completed, WPG will either source the necessary components that best support the application or source from our key Suppliers, the best combination of products that provide the optimum solution.


Drawing from years of experience, SCMH is capable of designing the best storage rack system possible. SCMH keeps in mind that even in the most basic selective rack projects, seismic zone four design factors apply in California—making your warehouse compliant with California guidelines.

  • In-House CAD designer
  • Designing for all types of space and environment
  • Designs are created in compliance with current building and fire codes


SCMH understands that space is valuable. Which is why it has mastered designing for narrow aisle spaces. We specialize in equipment and products that can potentially add 20 to 30% more product capacity in the same area of space.


SCMH can provide all types of storage supplies, materials, and equipment available in the market today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to California’s seismic zone four, virtually every rack storage project must be “built to suit.” This applies whether you are considering reusing your own material, source used material or buy brand new material. We draw from a number of key product partners to suit your specific requirements.

  • Cantilever – Designed to operate, primarily, with long loads. Can be decked for large, odd sized loads. First-in, first-out (FIFO) design.
  • Carton Flow – Designed for “less than full pallet” quantities. Provides access to numerous SKU’s in a condensed amount of space. FIFO design.
  • Double Deep – Selective rack configured “two deep” for density purposes. First-in, last-out (FILO) design.
  • Drive In – Multiple Deep Lanes. Maximized storage design, supports “All In, All Out” storage, such as Produce. FILO design.
  • Drive Through –A variation of Drive In. Outbound product is pulled from the opposite side of loading.
  • Pallet Flow – A full pallet version of Carton Flow. Dictates FIFO for products sensitive to rotation.
  • Push Back – A Multiple Deep Pallet Storage cart system. Allows for access to different products at different levels. Provides more SKU Facings than Drive In. FILO design, but at each level.
  • Standard Selective – Beams, Uprights & Row Spacers. The most commonly installed method in existence today. Supports FIFO.


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