Why OEM Matters to Your Forklifts

Ty Milliken, material handling veteran for nearly 30 years and former shop supervisor lends insights on how parts matter to forklifts.

“When jobs come in, we insist on OEM parts.” Ty, stickler for perfection says. In his professional experience, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts:
• Fit better
• Last longer
• Has warranty coverage advantage*

Yes original parts may be a few bucks more but think about the extra time you spend trying to make an after-market part fit into a function properly. According to Ty, “Time is more costly. Especially if the equipment comes to the shop for repair because it has been damaged by a re-manufactured part.”

Many times, Ty has seen unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided if proper parts have been used the first time. “Some customers shop for the cheaper deals in terms of parts and service, only to end up in the shop because eventually,  they realize that ‘you get what you pay for.’ They would have saved more money had they spent that extra dollars on an OEM.”

In the end, it’s the customer’s choice to either use an OEM, an after-market, or a re-manufactured part. But not without fair recommendation from Ty on SCMH’s preference to stick with OEM parts. “I explained that OEM and after-market parts may look the same, but they are not the same.”

“Particularly for operations with minimal fleet, it is crucial that repairs are done correctly, promptly, and with the use of OEM parts because breakdown risk is lower. Imagine if you had a limited number of trucks, what happens if they keep coming back for repairs due to unreliable parts? Doesn’t that cripple production enormously?”

Ty says that he had many customers keen on cost-efficiency and they trust SCMH’s expertise when it comes to parts, repair, and service. “They are the experienced ones who know no shortcuts and understand that saving money is beyond the initial dollar amount.”

*Not all OEMs may have warranty coverage.

Ty Milliken, 30-year Material Handling Veteran

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