Why Your Lift Truck Needs Mathew

No-nonsense and straightforward is the first impression you’ll get upon meeting Mathew. When told this, he smiled and shared “I’ve been told that many times. One customer actually told me ‘you’re a straight shooter! I like you.’”

Newcomer Mathew is a technician at SCMH and has already become in demand by customers. Proactive with training, already earning a total of 140 hours this year, he is sought after not just for his technical skills but for how he’s earned the trust of customers. “I go beyond delivering what is required of me. I always aim to exceed customer expectations by not just merely doing the job, but by pointing out what else can be done to ensure uptime.” Mathew talks about how being proactive helps build good relationships between the customer and SCMH. “It is in my nature to always help. At work, it’s not just about solving problems, it is bringing alternative solutions as well. Falling short of IMG_1413expectations is not in my vocabulary.”

Increased customer demand
for straight shooter techs,
SCMH delivers.

Starting his day by checking the board on what his schedule will look like, Mathew’s attitude is always to “get up and face the day!” His passion to excel at work is also equal to his zest for life when he’s not spending time working on IC and AC lift trucks. “My family loves the outdoors. We ride motor bikes, jet skis, go camping, or spend the day at the river.” But the most fun Mathew has is watching 11-year old daughter Makayla win ice skating competitions—Perhaps taking after his father who settles for no less than achieving the best possible results. “I don’t need coffee to energize and get me fired up. Just like any other racing sports I love, I’m already geared up for the day!”

If Mathew could tell customers five things, they would be:

1. Believe in your tech.
2. Train your lift truck operators.
3. Prioritize warehouse cleanliness.
4. Communication is key.
5. Thank you. We appreciate you.

Simple and straightforward, Mathew would say these to customers as he genuinely looks out for their best interest. “Many times, we overlook the little things. In forklift maintenance, some forego repairs that should be done so they don’t escalate and cause bigger problems and more expenses. Others let their lift truck operators drive without proper training—they have to understand that this does not just deteriorate the health of the lift truck, it’s a safety issue—a bigger expense if things go wrong.” Mathew also shared his thoughts on warehouse cleanliness. “Simple things such as keeping paths clear of objects that damage forklifts is a must—tires wear out faster, maneuverability is compromised, then operator fatigue sets in easily, then it’s less productivity for your company.”

We asked perfectionist and focused Mathew if someone were to tell him he didn’t do a good job, what would his response be? “What can I do to improve?” was his short and direct reply. “My intent is always to do better. There’s no limit to what one can achieve as long as we keep striving.” Mathew aims to master his skills and can see the path of his career eventually heading towards bigger things. “Perhaps in the future a service manager or shop foreman position.” Mathew shared. “By then, I can lend a hand and be of help on a greater scale.”

There is no question why Mathew is among the team of SCMH technicians favored by many customers. Skilled, upfront, honest, and passionate about his work, lift trucks are guaranteed uptime in Mathew’s hands. “It doesn’t matter whether they have one forklift or a fleet of 40. I give them all my commitment to performance.”

Balancing work, family time, ice skating competitions, and technical training may seem a lot but to Mathew who is clearly goal-driven, it’s all good. His parting words? “Busy is no excuse.”

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